Jonathon Hemingray Sculpture

Welcome to my site of hand sculpted wooden pieces made to your design choice or bespoke to your own ideas

CROSSES made to YOUR design choice.

These 3 just made – been itching to get these done for several months – the position I feel I am in when in the “depths of worship”
A position our Worship Group experienced at a rehearsal several weeks ago – when we all felt we were ‘joined by the angels”.  Our volume went up – and we knew it wasn’t any of us !!??

In praise of our God
When the Spirit lifts you




Each cross I make is a part of my PRAYER JOURNEY – buy one of my pieces and make it a part of your PRAYER JOURNEY.

Ive just done a SPECIAL for Easter – £25.00 each

3 crosses at Calvary
3 crosses on Bark log base





Please be aware that every cross I sell helps to support 3 “COMPASSION” children.
Independent research shows that Compassion-sponsored children are more likely to be employed as adults, and leaders in their communities and churches. Sponsor a child today with one of the UK’s leading Christian charities. Be inspired by how child sponsorship changes lives:

As shown none of the crosses would be vertical nor would they be in line – the effect of breaking with a ‘FORMAL’ setting is that they ‘catch’ the eye very effectively – we are used to seeing most things even in the art world as being ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ and with piece I have deliberately chosen to break the rules – the result is dramatic – as was the life of Christmaybe something for other churches to consider.

My smallest crosses are about 5 cm high, the largest over 2 metres, and anything in between.

I offer individually commissioned work, and supply Retreat Houses, Christian Book shops, and Church shops across the UK and Junior Schools, as well as many private customers.

I first started doing these 20+ years ago – having been a woodworker all my life, but never all that interested in joinery or cabinet making,  I wanted to make crosses but didn’t want to have to tangle with joint  – though necessary, I find then tedious.

Having always been fascinated by the incarnation ‘God made man’- experiencing Jesus in our everyday life and our understanding of the cross, I wanted to portray the cross in a way in which it wasn’t normally seen, and in which it would speak to people in a way in which the ‘standard’ cross didn’t.
After a lot of thinking and experimenting, I adapted to using my bandsaw, and with some trial and error came up with my present ‘style’.

*Please note that up until this year I had only supplied the UK market, but I have now supplied a Benedictine Abbey in NSW Australia.  I thought this would be quite difficult because of Customs, but the package went through without any problems.