2 new piece from the past and a new one 2018

This first piece was made several years ago with one sold








At least 20 years ago an insightful teacher who knew my work asked me to make this collection of 3 crosses on a stand for the Plymouth Education Department – where as far as I know its still in use.

A Public school got in touch a couple of years’ and asked for designs for  FONT with an oversized budget.  Really a Cabinet Maker’s commission.  I wasn’t sure I could do justice to this piece, so I rang Paul Fuller who we know from CRE exhibitions.

I completed the design work, visited the school with Paul, and . from there the project took  off.             The results are shown below.
The top and bottom sections have been turned with the top surface showing concentric waves and troughs.

The four supporting uprights depict a concave curve on the outside, and a vertical straight inner surface.  The four legs are joined by carefully worked Gothic arches, on top of which are laid four ‘fill in’ uprights into which are cut stylised crosses.  The finished Font also has battery powered lighting installed though not visible.
Paul has done a brilliant job with this and the font is now well used.

Two distinguishing features are the use of a glass blue panel lying behind each of the arches, and the water bowl itself is of cast glass.

Local Catholic Youth Retreat Centre at Crich Common in Derbyshire has commissioned 4 items, two of these are already firm orders – a Paschal candle stand and a Lectern.

Hopefully next year 2019 or 2020 they will be able to afford the remaining two items – A simple altar table, and a Credence Table, both of which have been designed but are awaiting approval