Single Crosses

Take a glance through my range, also look at my page on 3 crosses, and other designs and bear in mind that all can be adapted, made in sizes other than those shown, and included in a mixture of your choice.

All sizes and prices can be found on the “Price lists” pages

I produce crosses to order – size and shape as given,  but I don’t restrict myself to standard pieces, even though I do a lot of them.

I concentrate on 5 sizes for each design –

Very small,    Small,    Medium,    Large,    Very large.

All designs are machine cut, each piece o

For sizes and prices go to the PRICE LISTS button

f wood guided through the saw – hand – eye – machine co-ordination being key, and the right speed being the golden rule, meaning each is made by hand and therefore unique.

Heart to celebrate a 40th Anniversary