LASER work and cutting

Starting with “Affinity” to enable me to produce Pictures and text on wood for “Book-marks” small “Plaques” and “Beatitudes”.

My first pic is of my interpretation of the rams logo shape with text.

My version of the Derby Ram with text

More to follow as I get going






But moving on – due to Covid 19 my supply of orders has largely dried up (due to Shops and Retreat Houses both being on Lockdown has meant I’m now into the mode of re-inventing myself – I’ve always been keen on abstract art which is one reason why I’m never keen on doing the standard cross.
So I’m well into now bringing out a new range of sculptural work quite a bit of which will be displayed on the land opposite my unit which is occupied by 5 Lamps Autosales (just about surviving).
So I’m currently organising positions on the concrete base which currently holds the wire netting fence, so that I can place completed pieces on the set positions.

The netting also has concrete pillars about 1 metre high which I’ve nearly convinced him to paint rainbow colours on – (I really want it doing so I can display my new work on which will include rainbow colours.