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I am a retired teacher, husband to a gorgeous and talented wife Juliet, father of two grown and amazing and very loyal children. One of them is married, and my wife and I are grandparents to two adorable grandchildren.


 I taught Design Tech for 34 years, and Information and Communication Technology, Art, Drama, and RE.
I then retired and am now fully employed making crosses and other symbols, christian and otherwise for a slowly widening market of friends and acquaintances who want something individual, unique, and well made.
Let me know what you want, and when, and we’ll work together to provide you with it.
I also support Juliet my wife in her work as a Church Textiles designer (www.church-textiles.co.uk).
We visit Churches, Cathedrals, Schools, Hospitals and occasionally Prisons, to design, deliver and fit banners and crosses to enhance the interiors.

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