Customers comments

As with every business, the vast majority are very pleased if not bowled over by my pieces.  Most do not make the effort to give me any feedback, a few do, and some of these comments are shown below

Thank you so VERY much, Jonathon, the wood is lovely and tactile.img_8163                              I’m sure the Vicar will be delighted!

Helen Lloyd.


Many, many thanks! I have one of your pieces on my desk, another 2 at home and you have created sculptures for friends of mine who have been ordained. It’s a great gift – and I know my friends will be delighted!
Thank you.


Hi Jonathon,

Great to talk with you earlier today.  Answering your request. What a Cross can do…..

My god daughter had her 18th birthday and I wondered what I could send her. She has had a lot to cope with along the way. There had a tiny glimmer of faith occasionally in the past, but fairly minimal.

I had a nails cross given me by a friend some time ago, and there came a strong impression that I should send it to her. It seemed strange but I am trying to obey these impressions that seem strange when I think they are from the Lord. So the cross was wrapped up and sent off with a card and a prayer.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of days later her mother phoned up overjoyed at the way her daughter had received the cross. She was so moved by it and so pleased. Then I had a lovely letter from my goddaughter saying how opening the envelope and unwrapping the cross , seeing it and holding it had been such a wonderful experience , she felt so close to Jesus.

What a cross can do…

Thank you Jonathon.



I first discovered Jonathan’s work at a CRE exhibition over 8 years ago and bought a beautiful cross (which I still have).

Since 2007 many examples of Jonathan’s work has been sold at Ivy House, St Denys Retreat Centre in Warmisnter and all those who become a Friend of Ivy House receive a specially engraved cross to use as a prayer focus as part of their membership.

The crosses are always so beautifully made with lovely natural patterns and textures in the wood which enhance the designs and make ideal gifts and presents for a variety of occasions.

Helen Lems    Retreat House Warden

At Lee Abbey, Devon we have stocked Jonathon’s beautiful handcrafted crosses for many years, and whenever we run out of stock, the guests request more!

They are always a thoughtful gift in a huge range of prices, the standard of workmanship is God-honouring, and they provide our guests with thoughtful tools for their own spiritual reflection.
We love working with Jonathon in supplying our busy Conference and Retreat
Centre Shop.

Pixie Rowe

Just a quick line to thank you again for the lovely cross you have made as a leaving present for Christine Furniss.  She will be delighted!

 We now have the invoice, and I am picking up a cheque this afternoon to post to your administrator…but we wanted to thank you!



I’ve just collected your parcel from the post office and the sculptures are superb!  I’d love to keep them both!  We were out when they arrived on Wednesday so I’ve had to be patient until today before I could collect them.  And I’m absolutely thrilled – thank you so much.

Every blessing


Its arrived (3 Bk1) – its lovely – thanks so much

 Heather Knight …………. June 2007

I recently gave birth to a baby boy and one of your crosses lay beside him in his crib when he was in hospital. It was much admired by everyone who saw it and they were all intrigued by it.

It now sits on the shelf in my son’s bedroom above his changing table. I think it is most unusual and striking, too.

 Jennifer Moffat

Our Minister loved the carving, we got another one from Morley Retreat recently for some friends as a moving home gift. Again very well received. Thank-you

When I gave one to my parents, the only words from their lips were ‘Oh Voirrey!’  They were absolutely thrilled with it – as I knew they would be!  The inclusion of the red tone to the wood was obviously significant.  The next Sunday they took it to church to put on the communion table (they go to a small Baptist church).  They received many comments from others in the congregation who were moved to see a rugged cross at communion.

What I hadn’t mentioned to you is that my grandfather (the wood worker) is currently in a residential home suffering from dementia and advanced bone cancer.  Despite this, I felt it was important that this sculpture was an important statement in his room in his last days.  It is difficult to get any reaction from him and he cannot communicate.  However, when my mother gave him the cross you made, he couldn’t stop touching it.  He shaped his fingers together as if he was oiling it like he used to his own work and then reached out for my mothers hand and brought it to touch the wood.  It was a tremendously significant moment and my mother had tears flooding down her cheeks.  He would not let go of the cross all the time she was there and kept tracing the cross with his fingers.  She has given it to him on subsequent visits and he has done the same thing; tracing the shape.  I can’t tell you what that has meant to me too.  He understands despite his illness.

 I hope you understand how hugely significant your creations were to their recipients.

 With regards    Voirrey Guy

Thank you once more for your craftsmanship and dilligence. It is a beautiful piece and is already becoming a portal in our prayers.

The cross you sent me is ‘fantastic’ especially as it can be viewed differently from either side – wonderful

 Mick Daykin ………………….November 2007

Many thanks. Your work is stunning. I have never seen anything as beautiful
Pam Randall ………October 2007


Our Minister loved the carving, we got another one from Morley Retreat recently for some friends as a moving home gift. Again very well received.


I just want to thank you for creating the thought-provoking  cross which I was given recently.
It has become a real source of inspiration in a number of services, focussing on the idea of a cross-shaped space in our lives, reaching up to God, out to others, yet ‘earthed’ in our environment.  I have been amazed at the impact your cross has had in the services I have led, using it as part of the sermon.  This morning it was handled so gently, yet reverently by a wood-loving member of the congregation.
So,  thank you for helping to deepen our faith.

Very sincerely,

Ros Murphy ……August 2007

Methodist Minister

I would like to thank your husband for the beautiful cross that has pride of place in my study.  I am very grateful.

Rt.Rev and Rt Hon Archbishop Lord Carey of Clifton  3rd June 2007

Thank you very much for your Yew Cross for Wimborne Hospital, and for your telephone message recently.

The Cross is ideal for what we want, and will be very much appreciated in the years to come by those who work in the hospital, and the patients and their relatives. Thank you ……….

Paul – Curate ………. 2006

I have just bought two of your wooden crosses and I think they are beautiful. I like the way you can see the world beyond through the cut out cross.  Thank you for making them ……….

Sally ………2006

Thank-you so much for the wooden sculpture – choice of wood, colour, bark, grain, was wonderful – exactly what I had hoped for……….

Mark……….. 2005 

I returned yesterday from attending the World Economic Forum in NY and was greeted by this beautiful gift that Mrs Hemingray brought from you. Thank you so very much. It now adorns my desk and I look at it several times as I work away at the desk and it helps to lift my spirits and aids my recollection.
I am happy to add it to the beautiful rainbow stole that your wife gave to me so graciously a few years ago when I was in Birmingham. I have seen the display of her work in the Divinity School’s refectory and it is as beautiful as ever.

Thank you again.

God bless you,

Desmond Tutu.  5th February 2002


Thank you so much for your help – I am getting really excited and looking forward to receiving the pieces

Rev Birch……. 2002