T Light holders

These 2 are £8.00 each – postage and packing is £3.90 up to 1 kg in weight. So P/P remain the same up to 1Kg in weight.
If you want to place an order – email me at
jonathonhemingray@hotmail.com or 
ring or text me on 07779 314342 

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All below can be done in Pine, Oak, and Yew – others like Ash, Elm, and Spalted Beech when I have them in stock

All prices include postage and packing

Item descriptionLengthWidthThicknessPrice
Plain 2 T lights20 cm7 cm2.5 cm£13.90
Plain 3 T lights20 cm7 cm2.5 cm£16.90
Waney edge 4 T Lights30 cm12 cm3.5 cm£28.90
2 lights with cross17 cm8 cm3 cm£15,90
3 lights with cross35 cm9 cm3.5 cm£18.90
4 lights on square with cross15 cm15 cm4 cm£28.90
2 lights + candle with cross17 cm7.5 cm3 cm£24.90
3 lights + candle with cross19 cm13 cm3 cm£28.90
1 light in celtic cross in round12 cm12 cm2 cm£17.90
4 light in round +celtic cross21 cm21 cm3.5 cm£33.90
4 light in rectangle + cross20 cm13 cm2.5 cm£28.90
Single light with cross – waney edge17 cm9 cm3 cm£21.90

Before we go further – I now own a Laser machine which will do words and pictures, so small texts and individual words of a variety of fonts and sizes can now be achieved without trouble – also I can also do pictures and text ‘cut-out’ of the wood which is making life more complicated but more interesting as well. Email me with your suggestions. jonathonhemingray@hotmail.com

The next stage might be to add colour, but also make them available as wall mounted with integrated cross in normal style, and a model where the cross can be changed for a flame – watch this space.

Candle-Stick Holders/Stands

All prices include postage and packing

Item descriptionLengthWidthThicknessPrice
Large single circular holder£18.90
3 tall pieces for candles£28.90
Large single circular holder£15,90
3 candles group£18.90
3 tall pieces – ascending£28.90
3 candles£28.90
3 square in a group£33.90
3 squares with formal cross£21.90