Design Symbol Variations

Each piece I make is a part of my PRAYER JOURNEY – buy one of my pieces and make it a part of your PRAYER JOURNEY.

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Composite cross for a wall

Constructed CrossHeightWidthThickness
100 cm55 cm2 cm£300.00

Crucifix for wall mounting

Crucifix for a wallHeightWidthThickness
100 cm55 cm2 cm£450.00
Trinity with base small15 cm15 cm2 cm£38.00
Trinity with base medium25 cm25 cm2 cm£65.00
Trinity with base large35 cm35 cm3 cm£115.00
Trinity with base Very large40 cm40 cm3.5 cm£158.00
Trinity without base small15 cm15 cm2 cm£35.00
Trinity without base medium25 cm25 cm2 cm£61.00
Trinity without base large35 cm35 cm3 cm£110.00
Trinity without base Very large40 cm40cm3 cm£155.00


Very Small8 cm4 cm1.5 cm£16.50
Small12 cm8 cm1.5 cm£21.00
Medium18 cm10 cm2 cm£38.00
Large30 cm18 cm2 cm£56.00
Verey Large38 cm22 cm2.5 cm£90.00


Small12 cm6 cm1.5 cm£18.00
Medium18 cm9 cm2 cm£35.00
Large24 cm12 cm2 cm£70.00
Very large32 cm16 cm3 cm£135.00

Dove in Flames

Dove in FlamesHeightWidthThickness
Large35 cm30 cm2 cm£110.00

3 Flames

3 FlamesHeightWidthThickness
Small8 cm8 cm1.5 cm£14.00
Medium15 cm15 cm2 cm£24.00
Large22 cm22 cm2,5 cm£38.00
Very Large30 cm30 cm3 cm£70.00

5 Flames

5 FlamesHeightWidthThickness
Small15 cm15 cm1.5 cm£28.00
Medium20 cm20 cm2 cm£56.00
Large30 cm30 cm2,5 cm£75.00
Very Large40 cm40 cm3 cm£115.00

Abstract Angel

Abstract AngelHeightWidthThickness
Small15 cm12 cm1.5 cm£15.00
Medium25 cm20 cm2 cm£35.00
Large35 cm30 cm2,5 cm£75.00
Very Large40 cm35 cm3 cm£110.00

Mother and Child

Mother and ChildHeightWidthThickness
Small15 cm8 cm1.5 cm£15.00
Medium25 cm10 cm2 cm£35.00
Large35 cm25 cm2,5 cm£75.00
Very Large40 cm33 cm3 cm£110.00

Holy Family

Holy FamilyHeightWidthThickness
Small15 cm8 cm1.5 cm£30.00
Medium25 cm10 cm2 cm£45.00
Large35 cm25 cm2,5 cm£65.00
Very Large40 cm33 cm3 cm£95.00

Chalice and Host

Small15 cm12 cm1.5 cm£25.00
Medium30 cm14 cm2 cm£38.00
Large50 cm30 cm2,5 cm£65.00
Very Large75 cm45 cm3 cm£99.00


Small15 cm12 cm1.5 cm£30.00
Medium30 cm14 cm2 cm£45.00
Large60 cm25 cm2,5 cm£65.00
Very Large90 cm45 cm3 cm£95.00

Fish and Waves

Fish and wavesHeightWidthThickness
Small10 cm10 cm1.5 cm£18.00
Medium20 cm20 cm2 cm£29.00
Large30 cm30 cm2,5 cm£45.00