As we are now in the middle of the Covid -19 Pandeminc we are clearly not able to exhibit at the moment.

We are currently looking at alternative ways of presenting our work to Theological students and the Mainstream Churches. More information when we know w it.

We normally exhibit together, I drive, do the loading and unloading, then we put the exhibition up together including lighting and slide shows based on the iPad, and laptop Powerpoint’s or slide shows.

Each exhibition is different but all follow the same principle, alerting and informing potential customers of the quality and variety of Christian symbolism that is possible through the use of both our giftings, especially when they are combined

All that is required from our customers is the ability to visualise what is possible in their own contexts, Churches, Hospitals, Hospices, Schools, Surgeries, etc.

I did Launde Abbey and the ‘Awesome’ conference on Tuesday/Wednesday March 14th-15th.  Today Friday 17th we are at North Bristol for the day.  Tomorrow we set up at Swanwick nearer home for the two day CSN conference.  Interest shown at all 3 is rewarding as well as feed-back we get from the Theological Colleges.  Monday will be a day off – now much needed.

Work on display at Cranford Hall, St John’s College, Durham March 2018 showing how homely they can look?!?